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Tomasz Koclega_Occulta Rotam_50 x 25 x 2
Tomasz Koclega_Circulus Vitiosus_15 x 16

Tomasz Kocelega


He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, in the Department of the Graphics in Katowice. The diploma received in 1993.Working at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, conducting the sculpture studio. He taught also at universities abroad in Finland, USA and Czech Republic. Tomasz Koclęga’s art has always been focused on human nature with its desires, emotions, capabilities and dreams. This fascination delineates the area of his creative activities, expressed mostly with figurative sculpture. His perfected sense of form enables viewers to explore and discover the truth about man. The emotional and intellectual content is condensed in deformed human bodies whose silent gestures become an alphabet for expressing the universal values.Koclęga has presented his works in public space on numerous exhibitions in USA, Japan, China, Great Britain, France, Russia, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Finland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and many Polish cities. He has won numerous awards at the biggest and most prestigious snow sculptures contests in China, Japan, Russia and Poland. He has sculptures permanently installed in the USA, the Czech Republic and Poland.



Tomasz Koclega, Sculptor

1991 폴란드 국립 Krakow 예술대학교 예술대학 졸업

1993 폴란드 국립 Krakow 예술대학교 대학원 석사 (MFA)




2013 Nest (Hviezdoslav Square - Bratislava, 슬로바키아)

2014 Solitery (Klenova, 채코)

2015 Closeness (Hviezdoslav Square - Bratislava, 슬로바키아)

2016 Inner Dimentions (The Turrill Sculpture Garden - Oxford, 영국)

Closeness (Grassalkovich Garden - Bratislava, 슬로바키아)

2017 Tomasz Koclega Sculptures (The Furstenberg Palace Garden, Embassy of Poland in Prague - Prague, 체코)

2018 Tomasz Koclega Sculptures (Moszna Castle - Moszna, 폴란드)

Reflections (Uzopis, Old Town - Vilunius, 리트아니아)

Tomasz Koclega Sculptures (Tczew Art Center - Tczew, 폴란드)

위 최신 개인전을 비롯해 폴란드 국내 야외 개인전 - Katowice, Gliwice, Zabrze 등 20회 이상


아트페어, 그룹전

2018 서울국제예술박람회 2018 "100 Beyond Sculptutre" (COEX - 서울, 대한민국)

Art Revolution Taipei "International Artist Grand Prize Competition" (Taipei World Trade Center - Taipei, 대만)

The Mask (Loosen Art Gallery - Rome, 이탈리아)

대전국제아트페어 (대전, 대한민국)

아트경주 18 (경주, 대한민국)

Transferming with Art (Galleria ArtTrakt – Worclow, 폴란드)






2010 Eternity (Agora Mall - Bytom , 폴란드)


2012 Nestled (European Sculpture Park - Pabianice, 폴란드)


2013 Greed (University T.Bata - Zlin, 체코)

Transience (Round about - Rybnik, 폴란드)

Nestled II (European Sculpture - Park Pabianice, 폴란드)


2014 Looseness (Ligocki's Garden - Katowice, 폴란드)

Timidity (Agro Project - Siemianowice, 폴란드)

Ambiguity (Park City - Katowice, 폴란드)


2016 Toil (Tower Basztowa KWK Poland - Swietochlowice, 폴란드 )

Stone (Palac Pacoltowo Luxury Resort - Pacoltowo, 폴란드)


2017 Pieta (St. Louis Community Collage - St. Louis, 미국)




폴란드 국립 Katowice예술대학교 디자인대학 교수

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